Keeper Flash

Easy and secured charging solution

The Keeper Flash allows visitors to charge their phone.

This service improves the customer experience in your establishment.

The service is free for the user who charge his phone

The user could either leave his phone into the lockers or plug it to the external cables.

We offer an all-inclusive prestation, including:

  • Maintenance
  • Monthly reportings
  • 24/7 Call center
  • Permanent updates
Customer stories

Julien Munch

Fnac Montparnasse Director

«Here's what motivated my choice: answer to the increased visitors demand. Why The Keepers ? A well designed product , a competitive price, a large service offer with a one contract possibility (helmet locker, phones chargers…). To go with a startup (even if it's a low risk adventure as they already are in a market fit position ), the great reactivity and hight flexibility of the technical team. Also the data base they offer and the possibility to interact with our visitors »

Lynda Zerbib

Paris Airports - Parks management and access CDG:

"Seduced by the original and innovative concept at first, I was quickly convinced with its reliability, and most importantly, its attractiveness to motorcycles users with the test we did in the parkings of Paris-Charles de Gaulle"

Jean-Philippe Pelou:

Director of Les 4 Temps shopping center:

«Personnaly I find this service very important. With the Keeper, the bikers who drop off their helmets in the lockers stay longer in Les 4 Temps shopping center»

Lily Fisher

Deputy Director - Zenith de Paris

"The Keepers service allows le Zenith de Paris - La Villette to solve many security problems, and offers a service to our 800 000 annuel spectators.. Its design, simple and ergonomic, allow this service to be independent, which means for us less staff but also more fluidity (no queue to retrieve the helmets). »

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