The Data Station

Boost the connection with your customers


Thanks to the distribution of fragrant and moisturizing gel thank you Handy, the data station captures a strong flow of visitors (4000 / month on average).

This flow is then directly operated on the Data Station touch screen, which allows you to interact directly with your customers, in your establishment.

You can thus implement a real strategy for acquiring, activating and retention of customers.

The data station can be configured for:

  • Download your mobile application and/or have your loyalty program subscribe
  • Measure your NPS, administer customer or satisfaction in their experience (customer voice)
  • Encouncing to leave positive Google reviews
  • Organize contests with assumptions (telephone number, email address, etc.)
  • Send to web content to highlight your recruitment offers, your gift card, your information ...

Our team takes care of everything to provide you with quality service and always functional service:

  • provision of “data station” terminals
  • Configuration “Data Acquisition” tailor -made (loyalty program link, data collection, surveys)
  • Access to the real -time results visualization platform + API openings
  • Hydroalcoholic gel thank you handy scented and hydrating
  • Gel delivery as a function of your consumption + filling alerts
  • Monitoring, preventive and curative maintenance

Connected machine

Data collection
real time

Made in France

Sheet metal in Vendée
IDF assembly

Compliant GDPR

Compliance with the obligations of article 28 of the GDPR

Without restraint

“Plug & Play”

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