The Dressing locker

The wardrobe 2.0 to drop off your coat


The Dressing locker securely gards your visitor's coats.

Our unique solution helps them feel at home whille fully enjoying their stay.

The service is free of charge for the user who drops off his coat.

3 different lock modes are possible according to your needs:

  • pin code entered by the user
  • barcode/QR scan
  • Corporate badge
  • NFC/RFID cards

To install a Keeper Dressing Locker in your facility, we need:

  • A 2m x 60cm empty space
  • a standard power link.

And that's all, we take care of the rest!


All included service and plug & play installation


no employees involved


Maximum vigilance
anti-burglar devices


Mobile app
Smart data

Customer stories


PEGGY GUCHET- Assistant Manager of Italie Deux

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