RVM Collector

Simplify the collection of reusable packaging


The Collector makes it easy to integrate reuse into your operations.

"The reuse of packaging is gaining momentum, driven by growing environmental awareness and political support.

Beyond reducing waste, reuse generates resource savings and promotes the circular economy."


All included service and plug & play installation


Traceability and rigorous monitoring of collected packaging


Anti-fraud bin, soft-drop system and proven electronic payment system

How it works

Your customers place their reusable packaging inside the Collector, thanks to an easy-to-use interface. They are refunded directly on their credit card, in a voucher or on their loyalty card.


The Collector is capable of identifying all types of reusable packaging (bottles, trays, jars, pots, metal boxes) offered by manufacturers and reuse operators. It allows you to centralize collection at a single point in order to facilitate the adoption of reuse by consumers.

Management of reusable packaging

The Collector allows you to monitor all collected packaging and share the data for reliable return to the sorting, cleaning and filling facilities, thus contributing to an efficient reuse loop.


Thomas Bou - CSR Project Manager

“This innovation installed at Carrefour Montesson opens up new perspectives in reuse. Thanks to a wide opening, almost all of our everyday packaging is now eligible for reuse. Bottles, cans, buckets, trays and even the pizza box! It's easy and quick for our customers and our store teams, who now have a terminal that meets logistics standards. Not so simple when you know how the packaging is delicately placed at the bottom of the bin! »


Romain Zanna-Bellegarde - Commercial Director & Head of Loop France

“At Loop, we have always been keen to make reuse simple, practical and accessible to everyone, and The Keepers Collector perfectly illustrates what we were looking for. It facilitates the return process by allowing any reusable container to be returned to the same terminal, thus accelerating adoption by customers. The Collector offers innovative services in refunds, customer ease of use and in-store operations. »

E.Leclerc Atlantis

Lucile Douaud - Marketing Director

“We chose this approach because it is quite simply the best way to encourage our customers to adopt reuse independently, without constraints, while guaranteeing safety and hygiene for the store and our customers. »


Claire Nijdam - Co-founder

“The Keepers' fully automated collector allowed us to offer stores a deposit system with full responsibility for deposit withdrawal by the collector. The customer can thus return their tray to the store and have their deposit refunded without having to go to reception. The collector is solid, secure and returning the tray is easy. The Keepers has been very attentive to the developments that we have asked or that the store has requested and is available remotely to answer customer questions. »

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