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Mission statement

Revolutionize the customer experience
in public establishments.

Offer a unique customer experience

Make your visitors your guests.
Make them feel at home.
Free them of all constraints to keep them longer in your facility.

Bond with your visitors

Offer a new premium service
that perfectly matches their needs

Learn more about your visitors

Satisfy your clients' needs
by knowing their habits:
our services collect data that helps you have a better knowledge
of your clients

Our solutions

Customer stories


SAMUEL SAPELIER - Manager of Beaugrenelle Paris

« A service that builds customer loyalty, and allows them to stay a longer time. »


CHARLIE PRAT - Manager of the CNIT

« What we like about The Keepers, is their reactivity, efficiency, the design of their products, (...) the guaranty in terms of safety and their after-sales service. »


PEGGY GUCHET- Assistant Manager of Italie Deux

« Our goals are to satisfy customers, offer them innovating and differentiating services, and of course improve and ease their shopping experience. »


OLIVIER NOUKOUÉ- Manager of Fnac Champs-Elysées

« We decided to work with The Keepers because they offer modern services that improve our clients’ quality of life, and overall make them stay a maximum amount of time inside the store. »


OLIVIER GOUDIN - Responsible for Safety and Hospitality

« The will of Zenith Paris La Villette is to develop a better customer experience, therefore it was obvious that the system proposed by The Keepers was the most appropriate. »


DIDIER LE CALVEZ - Manager of Aushopping Villebon 2

« What seduced me with The Keepers : it is a service that is modern, differentiating, secure, accessible all day, and that reinforces the modern look of the mall »

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